Sponsored Challenge: Connect Underserved Youths with Career Opportunities in Technology


Sponsored by The Kapor Center for Social Impact

Interested in solving a real problem for an existing organization? The Kapor Center for Social Impact is putting its resources behind teams that will build a technical solution for disseminating information on the various career paths available in the technology industry to underserved youths by sponsoring the More Than Coding Challenge. As a resource, they have recently completed a tech career database, More Than Coding, and would like to connect youths from communities underrepresented in the technology industry to this information and these opportunities.

Kapor Center staff will serve as judges of the final presentation. The first place winner will receive up to $2500 in team development (e.g. conferences, trainings, etc.) and a pitch training session with Kapor Capital, its in-house venture capital group. Runners-up will receive a pitch training session with Kapor Capital.

The final presentation should include:

  • What is the technical solution and what does it do?

  • How are the concepts shared adaptable and capable of being integrated into a larger structure for information sharing?

  • How will it reach underserved youths and youths of color?

  • How does it build awareness and positively impact underserved communities in the tech sector?

  • How will you ensure continued engagement?


These presentations will be judged within two weeks following the Startup Weekend EDU NYC weekend and will be based on a videotape of the teams’ final presentations as well as their slide deck.



How do I register for this challenge?

You will be asked about your interest in this challenge when registering for Eventbrite. You can also choose to pitch an idea or join a team working on this sponsored challenge the first evening of Startup Weekend EDU NYC – Edtech Track.


What does it look like to participate in this challenge?

More Than Coding Challenge participants go through the same Friday night pitch, vote, and team formation process as general participants. Any More Than Coding Challenge team that has at least two people on it who are committed to working on the idea throughout the entire weekend can move on and give a final presentation. More Than Coding Challenge participants are eligible for both the Challenge and the overall SW EDU competition.


Who do I contact if I have more questions?

For questions regarding the More Than Coding Startup Weekend EDU Challenge, please contact Justin Davis at justin@kaporcenter.org.