Teams Form at LA Startup Weekend


Friday started with the flurry of StartupWeekend’s Pitchfire, distilling 25 ideas to about 12 advancers in just 60 second pitches.  As we start the second day at LA StartupWeekend EDU, our teams are hard at work!  Here is a full rundown on each — with the 12 advancing teams noted by asterix(*):

  • Base 10 Common Core Advocates (Michael and James)*: a CCSS Base10 learning app to build base 10 student proficiency (hmm, its like Desmos for the abacus)
  • 3D Design Software Concept
  • Holodecks (Darius Clark): virtual academic content exploration to why am I learning thin
  • Open Counseling Appts: an OpenTable for career counseling at community colleges
  • Seek (Kate)*: online platform for educator created “lesson plans” which students relate and geotag in the “real world” creating “treasure hunts”
  • Library Lifeplanner: tool for students to develop study plans
  • Pali Steam Shop*: a maker studio within a school (Pallisades High School) to teach STEAM
  •*: online forum teaching academic and literary concepts through popculture media (since pivoted to learning resource curation tool OwlLook)
  • CareerFit*: online platform for low income students to explore tech careers (someone read our post on the Kapor Challenge!)
  • MyMentor (Neeraj)*: SMS based platform for mentorship (adopted from patient-to-doctor communications apps in the healthcare industry)
  • AskIt: Anonymous student to teacher questions and communications (if Confide is SnapChat for Business, is AskIt like SnapChat for Education?)
  • DIYGirls (Luz Rivas)*: providing engineering and technology learning programs for underserved, minority girls in the San Fernando Valley
  • PitchPerfect (Nevin)*: video based community to upload and receive feedback on public speaking
  • Sorry, missed the name, but its was an idea drawing upon the unique aspects of the “moment of anticipation” to build student engagement to teach mathematics
  • Fork (Harry and David)*: online wiki- community for academics to share and build upon research through peer edits
  • Autograder: online homework grading platform to streamlining this process
  • Bounce the Penguin: an app to teach basic physics (whats with kids and penguins for learning apps, anyway?)
  • Online Fashion Mall: uh, what was this guy doing at S/W EDU?
  • RealSchool (Clay and Lindsey)*: online PD platform for teaching skills to work with problematic student behavior
  • Goaled (Sujata Bhatt)*: a gamified social learning app incentivizing tweens to take charge of their own goals
  • 4D (Digitally Decrease Daily Disruption): online system teaching kids to manage their social and emotional needs
  • Discovery Solutions: data driven early warning intervention system to help at-risk students get back on track
  • WorldSpeak (Angelica)*: Online platform for teaching languages to children
  • DataStory: sorry, I missed this pitch and then…
  • …drifted off on this last one…

…but I was quickly reawakened by all the excitement of voting and team formation.  Looks like we will have some great products for Sunday night’s demos!